About Us

Since 1952 Francis has spent all his working life working within the West Yorkshire Textile Weaving Industry. He has achieved the reputation as a master craftsman in the art of fine weaving modifying his conventional looms to accommodate the most intricate weaving designs and materials. He is often consulted for his knowledge and contacts within the trade.

From his workshop in Halifax, West Yorkshire he uses his wealth of experience to create his own colourways and designs using many different fibres and has been weaving his own range of fashion scarves since the late nineteen nineties. These are displayed and sold in UK craft galleries and more recently in Julies Artisan Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York

Comissioned Development Work

Weaving sewer pipe linings for the D.T.I and dog handling arm defender material. He received a commission to weave strands of Glass Fibre Optic in 1999 and as far as we are aware is the only weaver in the UK to successfully accomplish thus major feat of modifying a loom to accommodate this type of material.

Several lengths were used to illuminate a sculpture in the square outside the Milan Railway Station (The Alba di Milano, see photo). Since this initial project he was commissioned to weave another length of woven fibre optic for a Pent House Suite and for the TV Quick 2003 awards ceremony (see photo). In 2003 he was commissioned to weave silver plated copper wire with LED lights. The material was used to form a chandelier which is on display in the Westin Hotel in Warsaw (see photo).